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Prepartation for Photo Shoot

October 22nd, 2013

Prepartation for Photo Shoot

Amber Summerow Photography

Goals & Expectations

Have Fun: As a photographer my objective is to ensure that my clients are having fun while feeling confident in their photos. This day should not be stressful it should be fun and exciting. I encourage my clients to interject their ideas and vision during the photo shoot.

Preparation for Session

Preparation: It is important to plan for the photo shoot one week in advance. Make sure that you have made your last decisions on outfits, accessories and photo props. If you are planning to have your hair, make-up and/or nails done the day of the photo shoot make sure those arrangement are made with consideration of your scheduled shoot time.


Be on Time: I am a natural light photographer which means timing is crucial. I like to shoot at least two hours prior to sunset. Please plan on being to the designated location 10-15 minutes early. You may want to consider leaving any bulky items such as wallets, purses, cell phones and keys in your vehicle. These items in your pocket will cause the image to stand out in undesirable locations and cause a distraction during the shoot.


Location is Key: It is important to pick a meaningful location for your photo shoot. Think about your location when choosing the colors of your outfit. If you are in a green field a green dress may appear camouflage. A complimentary color like red, purple or blue would bring out the surroundings.

Choosing the Best Outfit

Your Body Type: It is very important that you feel comfortable in your outfit. Pick outfits that you feel confident in and that fit. If you are not comfortable your images will dictate just that. My favorite photos are where my client’s show their true personality whether it’s witty, sarcastic, energetic or serious.

Coordination: If you are having a photo shoot with someone else make sure that your outfits coordinate. Coordination does not mean matching. For example, if you are a female wearing a floral dress the other person should wear solid colors to avoid clashing. If you are struggling with deciding between casual or formal, go for both. I like to suggest two outfits per person to give variety. Do not be afraid of plaid shirts or patterns just consider your surroundings. Shirts with large logos or emblems will cause the image to focus away from your face which is something we want to avoid.

Extras: Do not be afraid to layer and accessorize with jewelry, scarfs, sunglasses, hats and whatever else that brings your personality out in the shoot. Your happiness will show through in your images and dictate the mood of the shoot. Clothing with solid bright colors or primary colors will draw a viewer’s eyes to the background and back to your faces without being distracting.

Advice: If you are still undecided on an idea for photo shoot or an outfit please feel free to contact me by phone or email for suggestions.